Saturday 28 December 2013

How Good We Have It!

I was kind of hoping you had to actually click the play button to have this thing run, not sure if it will convey the message as effectively. Here's what you're supposed to see:

I started with the big poor countries: China (1.36B), India (1.24B), Indonesia (317M), Brazil (250M), Pakistan (185M), Nigeria (173M), Bangladesh (152M), Philippines (99M), Vietnam (90M), Ethiopia (87M), and Egypt (84M). That's 11 out of the 15 most populace countries (combined 4.37B or about 57% of the world's population). Then I added a few more countries for effect.

Google's public data browser fit the axis accordingly. Then I added Canada. Google redrew the graph. All of the insight and the impressive trends really melt away at the global 'developed' level.

Sure the 'first world problems' (or white people problems as I like to call them) videos make their rounds. But the hard and fast numbers of it all is alot less funny and (in my opinion) just as dramatic.

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