Monday 4 August 2014

Tiananmen Coverage

Google news popped this gem into my morning reads: "China's economic model dangerous", and I noticed it was from my local paper. I read through with a chuckle, surprised that it would make it's way onto a legitimate news site. After getting to work and opening up the print version, my annoyance at seeing it there on paper started to fester.

New Direction

It's been a long while. New city, new company, new job, new position, first time home owner, and on and on. The Peak Oil Dynamic requires more attention then I can give. With ISIS in Iraq, the EU threatening to increase sanctions (still skeptical that major NG related sanctions will be forth coming), Canadian pipelines seeming to stall, American tight oil maintaining production growth, times are very interesting on that front.

However, I'll be switching the name at some point and the URL and revert this thing to hopefully a weekly post on whatever it is I'm thinking.